Learn How to Use the AI Essay Writer

Follow the below-mentioned steps to effortlessly compose well-structured essays with our AI Essay Writer Tool—your writing assistant for clear, concise, and compelling content.

Step 1: Select the Tool

You will find multiple tools on the website to choose from. 

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If you want to create a detailed essay from scratch, you need to select the AI essay writer tool from the options. 

Step 2: Fill Out the Content Brief

You need to fill in the following fields carefully to ensure that AI generates a customized essay according to your requirements. 

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  • Essay Title:  Enter the topic that you want to write about. For best results, it is important to enter a detailed topic like ‘The implications of climate change on human health’ instead of just the key term like ‘Climate change’. 

  • Academic Level: Select your level of study from the dropdown menu. As different academic levels require different levels of complexity and depth, so make sure you choose your academic level accurately. 

  • No. of Words: Word count is an important requirement for essays, so select wisely. Keep in mind that the word count does not include citations and references.

  • No. of Sources: Select the number of sources that you want for your essay. You can choose these based on the requirements mentioned by your instructor. Or, if they haven’t specified any, you should choose the number of sources according to the word count that you need. For example, 2-3 sources would be enough for a 500-750 word essay, but you would need at least 6-8 sources for a 1500-word essay. 

  • Additional Instructions: Though this is an optional field, you should not take it lightly. This is your chance to train the bot to write exactly according to your requirements. So, you can mention any ideas for the essay that you have, the structure you would want it to follow, the type of essay that you want to write, etc. 

Step 3: Generate and Edit

After you’ve entered all the required details about your essay, click on the ‘Generate’ button. Within just 60 seconds, it will generate a flawless essay for you according to your requirements. Download the essay, read it thoroughly, and make any necessary changes if required. 

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Kudos! You've efficiently used AI Essay Writer to craft a customized essay. Reuse it for various subjects or styles and enjoy a more seamless writing journey.